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Elegīa (from the masculine noun (έλεγος "élegos") that designates a song of mourning accompanied by flute) nowadays is known as a lyrical composition with a melancholic tone in which the lyrical self mourns the death of a person. ¨The "Elegies" series of sculptures is a collection that explores the theme of absence and loss through the use of casts of bodies along with a variety of materials such as wood, plaster, animal skin, hair, ashes, dust, acrylics and wax. The molds that were once on a body now lie alone, impregnated with fragments and remnants that recall their past, creating a sense of longing and remembrance. The abstraction of the forms serve to emphasize the idea of absence, as the casts are not intended to represent specific individuals, but to evoke a sense of humanity as a whole. Through the use of these materials and the manipulation of form, the pieces invite us to contemplate the fragility of life and the inevitability of loss.¨

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