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Tristis est anima mea usque ad mortem :
sustinete hic, et vigilate mecum :
nunc videbitis turbam, quæ circumdabit me.
Vos fugam capietis, et ego vadam immolari pro vobis.

Matthaeus 26:38

My soul is sorrowful even unto death ; 
stay you here, and watch with me.
Now ye shall see a multitude, that will surround me.
Ye shall run away, and I will go to be sacrificed for you.

Matthew 26:38

 Photo-series inspired by the phrase ¨Tristis est anima mea¨, the second responso of the Tenebrae for Maundy Thursday.  The latin text refers to Christ's agony in the garden of Gethsemane, a part of his passion. This series is also inspired by the etymology of the word ¨anima¨ which meant for the ancients a "vital breath", a kind of breeze that when exhaled implied death.

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