Gabriel O'Shea 

(1998, México)

Lives and works in Mexico.

Multidisciplinary artist who works with painting, sculpture, photography, installation and video.

Memory, violence, technology, bodies and decadence are some of the constant themes in Gabriel's work, his dreamlike images balance in a space between the peaceful and the violent, between figurative and conceptual. 


-2018 (BAA) Barcelona Academy of Art

-2017 (CAM) Centro de Arte Mexicano


Solo Shows:

-2023: PRELUDIO (Galería Hilario Galguera)

-2021: Huéspedes (G.O. Estudio)

-2017-2018: Contextos Invisibles (Casa de la mora, UAEM)

Group Shows:

-2022: Sound+ [2nd edition] (Casa versalles, cdmx)

-2022: Aquí y allá (Centro nacional de las artes, cdmx)

-2021:  Index 5: estancias (Galería Hilario Galguera)

-2020: Altaier (cdmx)

-2017: Luz Gráfika galería

-2016: Art Bravo Galería


-2023: AIREI A/W 23 (Refuge, Deluge, Transfuge) at Paris Fashion Week


(2023) Art Observed (Interview)

(2023) DNA magazine 

(2022) 5 Rising artists (Artnet) 

(2022) Demuseos (text & Q&A)

(2022) L'Officiel Art (Text by A.E. Gallego)

(2021) El toro salvaje (text & interview by J.Balcázar)

(2021) Fahrenheit magazine (text & Q&A)

(2020) Interview for The Artist Story

(2020) Inside Artists (UK) feature

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